niall murphy


Niall is a technologist and entrepreneur. 

He is principal of Kubu Ventures and Founder & CEO of EVRYTHNG.  He co-founded European public WiFi network The Cloud, acquired by British Sky Broadcasting in January 2011.

Niall founded EVRYTHNG with Andy Hobsbawm to provide a way for products and other objects to have persistent and active online presence, making physical things a part of the digital world.

Niall invested in Marmalade in early 2010 and took on the role of CEO, executing on a strategy to take the company’s multi-platform native application development technology to market.  He stepped down from the CEO role in April 2013.

Niall co-founded The Cloud in 2003 to realise a vision of a ubiquitous mobile internet enabled by low cost WiFi technology.  The Cloud developed to be the leading public WiFi network in Europe, and was acquired by British Sky Broadcasting (a subsidiary of News Corporation) in January 2011.

Prior to The Cloud, Niall founded a number of digital media related businesses in South Africa - all now successfully sold off - including online recruitment website and a messaging platform eMessageX.  In 1994 he founded one of the first internet service providers in Africa through a joint venture in South Africa with Sprint, later acquired by UUnet.  In 1996 he co-founded The Digital Thinking Network in Amsterdam with Daniel Erasmus, a scenario planning consulting practice focused on technology driven change.

Niall has authored and presented numerous papers around the world.  He was a co-author of the WiFi International Roaming Access Protocols framework in 2005, adopted by IETF as a basis for seamless WiFi roaming.

Niall contributed as a policy advisor on telecoms in South Africa in the early 90s through an African National Congress (ANC) think tank.

Travelling extensively, Niall is a climber and mountaineer, a member of the Explorers Club and the Royal Geographic Society.  Niall lives near Geneva with wife Tanya, sons Aaron and Zeb, and daughter Naomi.


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